Los Dos Socios, Guatemala

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Los Dos_Full Res.jpg

Los Dos Socios, Guatemala


Concepcion Villatoro founded Finca Los Dos Socios in 1990 as a family farm. Its elevation at 1700 masl in Heuhuetenango, Guatemala allows for patient development of the bean's unique characteristics and sugars. 
Once fully ripened, each bean is selectively hand picked and sorted then washed and sun dried on patios before its shipment to the states.

Praxis profile roasts small batches to maintain the beauty already in each bean. We hope you enjoy the mlid acidity, sweet red berries, and fresh cream
notes in your cup. Cheers!

Variety: Typica, Bourbon  |  Process: Washed  |  Altitude: 1700masl

340g | 12 oz

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