Our Story

Hello! We're Seth and Lauren McCain. We have a passion for the highest quality coffee. We believe that every cup is a gift shared by the farmers, the baristas, and the consumers. That’s why we take painstaking effort to preserve the beauty of the bean. From selecting the bean to the brewing, we don’t mind being picky and choosing quality over efficiency.

We are excited to build relationships with our farmers and continue conversations and business partnerships that help our famers care for their crops and families, and in turn allow us to care for our beans and patrons. 

The beauty and quality in a bean exists in its entirety the moment that the bean is picked. Whether a bean carries juicy acidity from Ethiopia, floral nutty notes from Guatamala, or rich earthy aromas from Papua New Guinea, we can only seek to retain and highlight the beauty of each bean. Equally important as the choice of bean is the roasting. Seth McCain, roasts our beans weekly catering to each bean’s preferences in order to extract its nuances and serve the perfect cup.

Crafted from crop to cup

A great coffee lover once said, “To drink is human, to drink coffee is divine.” To Seth and Lauren, coffee is more than just a cup of coffee, it’s a story. This story opens with the farmers who grow the beans and culminates with the those who consume it. Lauren’s and Seth’s passion for coffee and people is the root of their drive to opening the Praxis Coffee Roasters.

At Praxis Coffee, we believe that we can use coffee excellence to transform the view of specialty coffee in Austin and beyond by presenting a holistic story of coffee and appealing to a hyper-social Austin community. These two goals will naturally occur by bridging community gaps between farmers and consumers and by donating 5% of all profits to local and global non-profit organizations.

Seth and Lauren, Owners of Praxis Coffee Roasters, began embarking on this journey independently before they met and have taken steps over the past five years to make a dream this reality. Some of these steps included researching and networking with coffee connoisseurs and business owners, participating in Counter Culture Coffee Barista and Hand Brewing Certifications, roasting coffee for San Antonio’s Brown Coffee Company and working in several specialty coffee shops.